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Pre-PGNET Review Course

In order to study at the post graduate level, it is important to have a clear understanding - i.e. not just rote-memorization -  of anatomy, physiology and EKG Interpretation.  In Trauma and Emergency medicine there is not time for relying on rote memorization.  You will be part of a team that expects you to have a clear understanding of the human body and how the various systems interact, and be able to PROBLEM SOLVE and do CRITICAL THINKING on the fly. 

The Pre-PGNET Review Course is offered to help those students in need of a review of anatomy, physiology and Basic EKG Interpretation, so that they have the knowledge needed to pass the PGNET Entrance exam. There will be some samples of critical thinking and problem solving - however it is suggested that if you feel you need help in these additional areas, there are courses offered at other institutions.

Without these skills and this knowledge, it will be very difficult to function effectively in a Trauma or ER unit, and you could be putting your patients at risk.  Therefore, Lawson-Thomas Medical Education LLC will not accept a student who cannot pass the basic entrance exam demonstrating this knowledge.  Recognizing that for some, this may be a problem - we prefer to catch this issue before you spend money on a course that you may not succeed at. 

If you do not pass the Entrance Exam, you are welcome to study on your own, and re-take the exam.  You can choose to take review courses elsewhere.  Or you can choose to take the review course offered here.  Your entrance into PGNET is only achieved by passing the entrance exam.  How you prepare for it, is your choice.  i.e. you are not obligated to take our review course, only to pass the exam.

Course Description (Coming soon)

There are three subjects covered:

1) Anatomy

2) Physiology and Path PHysiology

3) EKG Interpretation

During the course, there will be cae studies offered, to help you more fully understand the subject matter.

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