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Our Course Offerings:

Lawson Thomas Medical Education Center offers the following courses for groups of up to eight students, as well as individualized and customized instruction (for a higher fee).  You do not need to have eight people in order to form a class.  There may be other students who are waiting for people such as yourself to help fill up a class, so that it can be scheduled.  This is an on-demand system.  If you are in a hurry, or your schedule won't allow you to attend the daily 8am-5pm (pacific time) online live classes, then we can customize a program to suit your schedule.  You are limited, however, to completing the didactic within 10 weeks, as well as the internship within 10 weeks.  The course cannot be extended.

PGNET - Post-Graduate Nursing - Emergency & Trauma Program
The Post-Graduate Nursing-Emergency & Trauma (PGNET) program is intended for RNs and BSNs who seek expertise in Emergency Room and trauma patient care. This provides nurses with additional training and experience they need to obtain a job in a hospital. The program consists of a mandatory two week orientation and review, ten weeks of online live didactic classes, and a ten week clinical module.

Successful completion of the orientation and the 10 week didactic training is required before a student can proceed to the clinical internship, which is conducted under the guidance of a nurse preceptor in a contracted Emergency Department at a Level I, II or III hospital in California (Minnesota may also be available in the near future). To successfully complete the full program, the student must pass all didactic modules (including written and skills examinations) and receive a passing evaluation during their hospital internship.

Successful completion of the PGNET course will earn you 200 CEU's towards your required Nursing CEU's, plus a certificate of completion of the PGNET course.

For more Details on the PGNET course, Click Here.

NCLEX Review
If you need to take the NCLEX, and you would like a comprehensive review of the subject matter, we offer an NCLEX Review course that will help get you through the exam.

For more Details on the NCLEX Review course, Click Here.

Other Courses available to PGNET and NCLEX Review Students

We are able to provide ACLS, PALS, and BLS renewal classes to our PGNET and NCLEX Review students (if needed) in order to update their credentials.  These courses are offered for a separate fee and are not included in the PGNET and/or NCLEX fees.

If you are interested in one of the on-demand classes above, please contact us at 

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